Welcome to the New Wickpartners.com!

Welcome to the new WickPartners.com!

WickPartners, Inc. is a psychometrics consulting firm with clients throughout the Midwest. Founded in 1998, WickPartners is dedicated to, in the words of founder and president John Wick, “saving the children.”

What does WickPartners aim to save the children from? First, from failing to maximize their demonstrated academic achievement to the extent of their own personal capabilities such that the highest possible high school course placements and the widest variety of colleges are available to them. Over the past 30 years, John Wick and WickPartners have successfully worked with several school districts to help students achieve the highest possible level of achievement. The Foundation for Excellence stream on this site will be an extension of this work. You can find these posts every second Thursday.

More recently, WickPartners has added a pair of new concerns. These concerns have to do with rounding out one’s life. Although academic achievement is vital in providing a child access to a great future, there is more to life than high test scores. Equally important is recognizing what constitutes a satisfying life. To that end, WickPartners has published a number of travel and lifestyle articles, which are available for free download.

Finally, WickPartners has taken an interest in a message for life’s continuance that exists in what the past tells us, and that the future depends on our recognizing and responding to that message. This complex and controversial subject will be explored on the Evolution of Emotion stream. The Evolution of Emotion stream features posts on Wednesdays and Fridays.

One thought on “Welcome to the New Wickpartners.com!

  1. Dear John-

    What can you do to help me reach my potential? My mother told me I was a “late bloomer” and my friends tell me that I am hopeless.


    Lost in West Palm Beach

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