What have we learned?

What have we learned? The pathway to humanness as laid out in “How Did We Get Here?” is built on facts drawn from published scientific papers. So…

…what is written has nothing to do with the supernatural or mystical. No facts are drawn from religious documents written two to three thousand years ago. What is written is not based on some sort of miraculous communication.

Just facts.

The listing of observed behaviors stored in the brain as homo sapiens appear are also based on facts drawn from published scientific papers. Remember, each evolutionary step was drawn from what appeared before. Here are the observed behaviors:

Documented early include fear, learning, memory, parenting, caring for others, and seeking one another. Earlier, cooperation and communication and appear. The difficult transition from amphibian to reptile and then reptile to mammal had a great deal of parenting involvement.

Elaborate mating rituals involve color, sound, body movement. Mating and sex go together; research indicates animals enjoyed sex. Social harmonies appeared. Some mammals stay with a mate for life, confirming once again the gender attraction seen since genders appeared. Sharing and cooperation become broader. Death was understood. Research shows the roots of empathy are embedded deeply in our evolved behaviors.

Another observed fact: behaviors evolved and DID follow through to the Axial ages.

Also known is this very important piece of information:

A mysterious force of attraction appears early. Some evolutionary steps appear to have required that mysterious, unknown force. In other key evolutionary steps, that mysterious, unknown force appeared to have guided Darwinian interpretations. This evidence seems strong enough to be called a fact but … science would not accept that.

The currently dominant religions of the world started long AFTER homo sapiens had arrived. These physical and emotional steps were in already in place. Thus…

…the core issue for current religions is:

Quit using religion to explain evolution.

Instead, use evolution to explain religion.

Why? Because any modestly intelligent person who reads “How Did We Get Here?” and who has declared himself or herself religious will challenge that current religion’s creation story.

Is that meant as a slap at religion? No. But children should be taught the truth. The truth can then be used to anchor a religion’s beliefs. Perhaps beginning with factual information and building the religion’s beliefs around it would actually benefit the acceptance of religions.