Improving on Predictions

In the last Foundation for Excellence post, we wondered: are predicted results chiseled in stone, unchangeable?


With that kind of information as early age 10, as a parent and/or student who cares: YOU can intervene to raise the performance level by age 14.

When parent, student, and teacher work together, the performance level of nearly any student CAN be sharply improved between ages 10 and 14.

This student is fully capable of:

  • Raising high school placement from the predicted “Regular” to “Advanced.”
  • Raising the college availability from “Selective” to “Highly Selective.”

Where do those predictions come from?

Welcome to the multi-purpose IOWA, given in grades 3 to 8 every fall. The predictions discussed above are based on solid connections to Gatekeeper tests.

  • The prediction of 8th grade scores in 4th grade are based on IOWA scores from both 3rd and 4th The predictions have a reliability of 0.80 and above.

This is just one use. Within the Foundation for Excellence, the IOWA tests also:

  • The term “validity” appeared on the first page. Parents, students, and teacher receive an annual review of the effectiveness of Foundation for Excellence with annual IOWA reports.

That kind of promise of validity monitoring cannot be found in national improvement efforts like Common Core State Standards or No Child Left Behind.

As we’ve already discussed, around age 14 or 15 each student will face two important gates.

The two gatekeepers refers to the same information: How far along the pathway to excellence are you now, at age 14 or 15?

Gatekeeper 1 uses that information to determine the level of high school placement for that student.

Gatekeeper 2 uses that information to determine which college, university or other schooling would be open and accepting to that student.

In the next post, we’ll pursue “who cares” a little further.

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