Achieving the Highest Possible Level

Remember when we said that the ITBS can reliably predict future performance as early as grade 4?

Using the ITBS for a 10-year-old determines current position along the pathway to excellence. Then it reports to students, parents, and the public:

Expect this placement level entering high school age 15.

Expect college entrance availability at age 17 to 18.

The future.   As they say, there is more to life than academics. FFE helps determine what that “more to life” is for every student.

The FFE response shifts the emphasis from ALL students to EACH student. When? At about age 12.

Parents might be thinking, “What? My 12-year-old would not know an actuary from an architect!”

That may be true. However, that 12-year-old DOES know what she or he LIKES and DISLIKES. If we ask two 12-year-olds, Harold and Marie, a series of age-sensitive questions, they will quickly reveal their likes and dislikes. For example:

“Harold, which of these activities would you really like to do?”

“Marie, which of these activities would you mostly try to avoid doing?”

Build a model airplane? Harold, “NO!” Marie, “Oh, yeah.”

Sit alone and read a book? Harold, “YES!” Marie, “Forget it.”

By age 12, those likes and dislikes are pretty firmly in place. The report identifies for each student categories of strongest likes and dislikes.

The ITBS publisher has a survey asking questions like that. The report from that survey is just the launching tool.

Ages 12 to 14 can now be used to narrow down the “likes to do” side. How?

  • English teachers could use each student’s personal theme to suggest or guide writing assignments.
  • Science teachers could adjust assignments to require more digging into topics.
  • Summer breaks could be used to pursue experiences relevent to students’ interests.

All classes have some link to the world of work—social science, fine arts, even physical education.

The Foundation for Excellence is designed to aggressively pursue the highest possible level a student can attain on the excellence pathway. This will lead to the highest possible placement in high school and maximize college or trade school acceptance possibility.


The Foundation for Excellence guides the student to the highest possible level of readiness for the life work she or he is pursuing.

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